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Foresight Linux

I’m going to try this out this weekend. If anyone has already tried it let me know.
clipped from foresightlinux.com

Foresight Linux Desktop
Foresight includes some of the more innovative and new software being built for Linux today, including Beagle , F-Spot , Avahi , and the latest HAL . All of this is included in the default installation, plus a nice, clean default theme and artwork. Where does the name Foresight come from? Glad you asked! Many things about Foresight are innovative, not just some of the applications that are included. The biggest of which is Conary, which is a new way of looking at package management.

Foresight Linux 1.4.2 is out !
Go download it !
  blog it

One Response

  1. You may want to try our latest alpha release of the upcoming 2.0 series that was just released today:


    While we consider it an alpha due to GNOME 2.22 not being finalized and a number of packages we need to port from Foresight 1, it’s very stable and features a fast installer, as well as lots of improvements from Foresight 1.x.

    If you have any problems or questions, join us in IRC on Freenode in #foresight.


    Foresight Linux

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